Helena Kokes, ACCBC, ACDBC, ANWI

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Helena Kokes is a Senior Behavior Consultant.  She has been with HSBV since 2008 and has been training dogs and cats since 2003.   Helena has a B.S. in both Biology and Zoology with an emphasis on behavior and has been an Associate Certified Behavior Consultant for dogs and cats since 2008 with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.   Helena is HSBV’s resident expert on cat behavior and provides important support and counsel to community members and adopters, including strategies to mitigate intermittent litterbox use, aggression, anxiety, and socialization.   Helena enjoys partnering with dog guardians to assist with conditions such as fear, anxiety, aggression, socialization, basic training, agility, and Canine Nosework™.  Helena enjoys her life in Denver with her husband, twin daughters, two cats and dog.

Helena Kokes, ACCBC, ACDBC, ANWI

Training and Behavior Senior Consultant


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