American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior Statements

Click on the download links below to view the PDF. You will need a PDF viewer installed if the links do not work properly. AVSAB Position Statement – Puppy Socialization (PDF) AVSAB Position Statement – Use of Punishment (PDF) AVSAB Position Statement – Dominance Theory (PDF)

Introducing a new cat to your current pets

How you introduce your new cat to other household pets may influence long-term relationships between the animals. Allow your new cat and your existing pets to experience gradual positive interactions over the course of a few days. As the animals begin to demonstrate an acceptance of each other allow them to interact under your supervision. […]

My dog has separation anxiety

Understanding separation anxiety and how to handle it What is separation anxiety? Dogs are profoundly social animals that are genetically programmed to live in groups; therefore, alone time can be very difficult for a dog to experience. While many dogs can learn to accept being alone for moderate amounts of time, some dogs develop separation [...]

What training tools do you recommend?

The Humane Society of Boulder Valley DOES recommend the following training tools: Food rewards for good behavior (soft, small, yummy treats, including Natural Balance food roll, hot dogs, cheese, baby food) Favorite dog toys, including tennis balls and squeaky toys Lots of praise, love and attention for good behavior Treat bags for easy delivery of […]